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The 7 Dental Care Mistakes You’re Making Right Now and Immediately Need to Stop

Just like the rest of our body parts, teeth have their special functioning and importance. A regular dental care is the basis to achieve a perfect smile. You might be thinking whether to go on reading this article or not because you brush twice a day and visit your dentist whenever required. But, my friend that’s not enough. You have been making dental care mistakes that almost all of us do because nobody tells you that these routine practices are detrimental for your teeth. So, while we have been taking care of our teeth and following the instructions given by our dentist, there’re still a few things which are causing hindrances in achieving a healthy and happy smile.

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So, Dr. Karan Tangri, the consultant orthodontist at Dr.Tangri’s Dental and Orthodontic Centre, who has established himself as the best dentist in Delhi, has composed these following dental care mistakes which you immediately need to stop, only if you wish to have strong & healthy teeth.

1. The type of Toothbrush – If you have been consulting your dentist then we assume you wouldn’t be making this mistake because every dentist suggests using a tooth brush which has soft bristles. A toothbrush with hard bristles might seem to clean the plaque from your teeth but it really really damages your gums. The result may be swelling and bleeding from gums.

2. The wrong brushing technique – Well, the credit for this practice can be given to the frantic lifestyle we all our living. We are always in rush and therefore most of us brush are teeth vigorously and hastily, which is, believe me, damaging your teeth. Also, please don’t be obsessed with brushing your teeth to keep them clean as brushing twice a day is more than enough. If you brush your teeth more than that you are weakening your teeth as the enamel wears out due to excessive brushing.

3. Bruxing – Bruxing is the term referred to grinding and clenching your teeth, in dentistry. Apparently, bruxing erodes tooth enamel, weaken the teeth and causes jaw pains etc. Bruxing is a dental condition which occurs during sleep, therefore dentists suggest night guards that prevent the grinding of teeth against each other.

4. Biting your nails – Nail biting doesn’t only affect your nails but also wears down your teeth. Nail biting can crack, chip or fracture the front teeth due to pressure caused while biting.

5. Teeth as tools – Especially women, trying to save their manicure, use teeth for removing clothing tags, bottle caps and opening packed goods etc. You might feel that your teeth are stronger than your nails but rather than using your teeth or nails you could use special tools for such tasks e.g. bottle openers, scissors etc.

6. Sugar – Sugar harms your teeth slowly but severely. Consuming a lot of sugary foods and beverages decays your teeth and forms cavities because it gives birth to certain bacteria.

7. Caffeine – Coffee as well as soda contains acids. Consumption of coffee or soda all day doesn’t let your saliva do the neutralizing of your teeth which it otherwise does.

So, if you didn’t know these facts already, we are sure you can keep these in mind now to have stronger and healthier teeth. If you have been suffering from toothache or cavities or any other dental problem, don’t worry because we are the best dentist in Delhi and provide a vast range of dental services. Please visit us at Dr.Tangri’s Dental And Orthodontic Centre for more information on the dental services.

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