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Are Clear Braces better than Invisalign

Clear braces and Invisalign both are good options for people who want to straighten their teeth but are hesitant of using metallic braces by best dentist in Delhi. Commonly, it is assumed that clear braces and invisalign are same but no, they are slightly different. It depends on your medical conditions, which one will suit you more. To end your confusions whether there’s any difference between the two or which one is better here’s an attempt to make you understand each term better.

Invisalign is a braces treatment to get your teeth back in normal shape with the help of transparent aligners that look just like retainers. These aligners are not fixed into teeth permanently but are usually changed in minimum 2 weeks time. They are removable but it is advised that a patient should wear them at least 20 hours per day. If properly used, the treatment only takes 8-9 months to shift & straighten the teeth.

Clear Braces

On the other hand, clear braces are ceramic braces which are made to match your teeth, so they are either transparent or same as the color of your teeth. The clear ceramic braces work same as metallic braces as brackets are attached to your teeth and connected with wire to put pressure. They are to be adjusted in every 4 weeks.

The one common thing in both the treatments is that these braces are not visible like metallic ones. And the main difference is that Invisalign is more transparent than clear braces. Invisalign uses transparent aligners while clear aligners match the color of teeth, the brackets are still visible.

It is easier to clean your teeth with Invisaligns as they are removable which makes brushing and flossing easier. And just like typical metallic braces, ceramic braces can make it difficult to properly eat and clean your teeth. However, you are no supposed to remove the invisaligns frequently which might end up not getting you the desired results.

Invisaligns need to be changed in every two weeks as compared to ceramic braces which need to be replaced in every 4 weeks. But clear ceramic braces are more effective to shift your teeth back to normal place and help you get rid of crooked teeth and wide gaps.

Ceramic braces are more like metallic braces and hence, they work effectively in serious dental conditions such as crossbites, malocclusions etc., while Invisaligns cannot handle such severe conditions.

Ceramic braces can be a little difficult to handle. Given it to being brittle, ceramic braces are prone to breakage and chipping but it takes a lot of pressure to do so. Also, their brittleness can result into irritation of gums, lips or cheeks.

Clear ceramic braces are more effective than invisaligns but they come with their own disadvantages such as they can stain your teeth and sometimes the rubbing of hard ceramic can wear the bottom teeth.

Invisaligns may sound to be a better option if you are conscious about braces but as we already mentioned, but you should keep in mind that Invisalign is only preferable for moderate dental problems.

So if you are dead set against metal braces, you now have three options. Invisalign might be perfect for you if your problems are only mild to moderate. There are many clinics that provide braces treatment in Delhi but you should know if your doctor is an orthodontist or just some regular dentist. Although with the years of experience, most of the dentist may master the braces treatment but it is always advisable to consult an expert.

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